WSACC Weekly Update Edition 4: 10th January 2013

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our fourth edition on how WSACC is progressing toward our opening for OSHC business on 29 January 2013.


1. Service Approval: We have had some discussions with the Department and all is looking really good. By next update we should be able to confirm final approval.

2. Enrolments: Sometime tonight you should all receive an email with the enrolment package. If you don’t have a printer / scanner at home, let Kathryn know and we will make alternative arrangements.

3. Updates on Expressions of Interest for Staff Planning and Scheduling. We have received a large number of expressions of interest – thank you all so much for helping us with our planning, which we could not have managed without your efforts.

4. Open Days: We are running open days at our new facility on a couple of days:

Session 1: Wednesday 16 January from 6:00-6:30 pm;

Session 2: Saturday 19 January from 9:00-9:30 am.

Session 3: Saturday 19 January from 11:00-11:30 am

Invitations are also being sent out electronically tonight. Can we ask that you RSVP at the earliest opportunity so we can plan staff and administrative details for each event.

5. Orientation Meetings: We will program individual orientation meetings between parents / caregivers / children / WSACC commencing 15 January 2013.

The date and time for your individual meeting will be arranged with you personally by phone and email. Once you submit your enrolment forms, Kathryn or one of the Assistant Coordinators will call you and organise a time for the meeting.

Orientation meetings for existing families are expected to take around 20 minutes and will be run in both work and out of work hours. Please allow 45 minutes for a new enrolment meeting.

6. Transport Planning: We will be sending out an updated transport plan for both walking and bus in our next update after some discussions with WSS’s Principal and having reviewed the responses from parents / caregivers.

So far we have received an overwhelming number of “walking bus” requests – hence why we are revising the Transport Plan. The main changes will be around (1) the meeting area at WSS, and (2) the possible use of maxi cabs with WSACC Educators on-board for the vehicle transfer (based upon numbers so far this may be the most efficient solution).

Again, thank you all so much for helping us with our planning, which we could not have managed without your support and prompt responses.

7. WSACC Website. We have had some really constructive recommendations on our new website over the last few days – thanks to all of you who have made comment. As a reminder, it is now up and running at:

We welcome any comments or ideas as to how we can continue to improve it.

8. Setup at Bonython Street. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and our team members (our staff has volunteered their time to get the set up done) who turned up on Monday and Tuesday this week to help do some maintenance and set up. We have gotten the new centre into shape quite quickly because of your help.

On Monday we undertook some maintenance and carpentry tasks, and on Tuesday we moved around furniture and resources. As a result, the new Centre is starting to really take shape.

We are asking (below) for some more help next week if anyone can make it as we finalise the set up prior to our open days.

9. Has your child had a great soccer coach? Do you know a passionate soccer coach? We are looking for a talented individual to provide WSACC children with a unique and fun soccer experience one to two days per week. We have fantastic plans for this program and we plan to implement in term 1! Please refer interested parties to or 3357 9848!


1. Next Week’s Working Bee Focus. If there are any handy people out there that could come and help each afternoon next week from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm to help fix up some of the gardens that would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to do this on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 January.

What we are looking for is any gardeners and some equipment:

a. Equipment: BYO wheelbarrow, shovel, hand tools etc. If someone has a mulcher for clean-up of grounds and you can bring that along it would be fantastic as this means we can use it as part of our sustainability goals instead of just putting it in a skip. We would love to avoid sending green waste off site, and we can distribute it as mulch on the bottom part of school gardens.

b. Jobs: Weeding, soil improving and general preparation of a number of raised garden beds, clearing of vegetation and distribution of mulch to gardens, soft fall to playground, relocation of rocks within playground area, set up compost bins and worm farm.

We are hoping that one of you is a plumber and could pop along and fit a new tap to an existing outlet. It is currently just a water outlet and we need to be able to attach a hose for sustainability watering etc.

We still need any volunteers who could come along to sand and paint/refurbish some items of furniture. We now have access to an electric sander and paper and have undercoat ready to go.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email Kathryn at WSACC on so we can plan the activities.

2. General Call for Help. As we firm up the works needed to do to our new home we are hoping that some of you may be able to volunteer some time to work with us. We have taken out full volunteer insurance, and will look for parents / caregivers that are able to supervise, do homemaker duties, can sew, are qualified tradespeople (particularly electrical, carpentry, glazing and plumbing), and / or are happy to provide ‘muscle’.

We have received a number of offers – many thanks – but if you are interested, please email Kathryn at WSACC on with your skills / preferences.

3. Request for Volunteer Members of Fundraising Subcommittee. In early 2013 we will be formally creating a new subcommittee for fundraising activities. We will provide more information over the coming Weekly Updates however if you would like to put your hand up for a role on the Fundraising Subcommittee please let Jenny Wild know via email (


All plans are moving along well and we are on schedule for our 29 January re-launch.

There are a couple of things we ask of you in this Update:

1. Once you receive an email with the enrolment package can we ask that you complete the forms and send them through as quickly as possible.

2. If you can make it to one of the Open Days next week, can we ask that you RSVP at the earliest opportunity when you receive the invitation so we can plan staff and administrative details for each event.

3. If you are interested in volunteering any time to help us do some gardening, cleaning, painting, repairs or generally help set up next week, please email Kathryn at WSACC on with your skills / preferences.

That’s about all until our next Weekly Update. Thank you so much for your support, and once again thank you to all those parents who made it to this week’s working bees.

Yours sincerely,

WSACC Team and Parent Management Committee

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