Extra Curricular Activities

WSACC programs multiple extra-curricular activities with internal and external and expert facilitators to build skills of the children and provide families relief from the sometimes-endless routines of dropping off and picking up children at practice.

We are responsive to the needs of families and always open to adding new, exciting extracurricular activities to our repertoire. We have built relationships with outside organisations such as the Brisbane Mandarin School and Shaw Park Tennis to offer the best of quality to our community.

Additionally, we have experts on our staff to offer extracurricular activities such as French, and Spanish languages, guitar, violin and keyboard. We strive to make these activities cost effective for families and fun and engaging for children. 

WSACC orientates all external providers of extra-curricular activities to procedures and flow of routine and holds Blue Card information for all adults on site.

Transits are also facilitated to and from Windsor State School for school based activities. Parents need to advise of their child’s schedule so that educators can be allocated to transits. 

Extra-curricular activities are considered part of your child unique program at WSACC. Fees are added to your program charges for the session that this program is facilitated.

Extra-curricular activities include (but not limited to):

If your child is participating in an off-site, extracurricular activity whilst booked into WSACC (e.g. Jo Hodge Swim School, Auskick, Music, etc.), please complete and return the Extracurricular Activities Form.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons enable children to grow and develop their motor skills and coordination while providing a foundational understanding of musical tones and timbres. Our in-house guitar expert has been teaching guitar for years, holds a BA in music, and has been with WSACC since 2010.

Guitar lessons are taught in small groups of up to 3 children or private lessons. Classes are 30 minutes in length and cost is $15.00 for group class, $30.00 for private lesson.

Classes are everyday at varying times. Please contact the centre to arrange a class time that suits.

French & Spanish Lessons

WSACC in-house Spanish and French teacher is a native speaker of both languages and has created a unique curriculum based on real-life language experiences. Studies show that learning a foreign language improves test scores and reading skills for children and teens, and that the earlier a child learns a foreign language, the better their accent and fluency. In addition to the language, children learn about culture and food of the region they are studying. 

Classes are 30 minutes in groups of up to 5 children. Cost is $15 for group class, $50 for private class. Classes are everyday at varying times. Please contact the centre to arrange a class time that suits.

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard lessons at WSACC will encourage your child to develop perseverance, self-motivation, focus and concentration, as well as to set goals and celebrate their achievements. Keyboard is taught in small groups with a maximum of 4 children and in 30 minute sessions to allow even the youngest of our children to stay focused for the entire time.

Beginning keyboard students may learn tempo, beat, and finger placement while more advanced learners take homework and learn entire songs. Our keyboard program is taught by our in-house musician and is responsive to children’s learning needs and families’ schedules with classes almost every day. Children are encourages to have a keyboard at home for practice.

Cost is $15.00 for group class, $20.00 for dual class, and $35.00* for private class per session.

*Pricing effective 23 January 2023

Violin Lessons

Learning the violin has many learning benefits, such as patience concentration, the ability to read/write music and often play/learn within teams in orchestra/ensemble settings. 

Our in-house musician Olivia has 7 years experience teaching in private/ group settings and plans her lessons on either independent or AMEB programs.

Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is a great string instrument to learn and is often used as an introduction to the guitar. 

Learning the ukulele is an opportunity to exercise hand/arm muscles, coordination, understanding music theory, chords and rhythm.

Our in-house musician Olivia has 7 years experience teaching and plans her programming based on student interest.

Singing Lessons

Singing is an aerobic activity that increases lung capacity, improves posture, reduces stress levels, produces endorphins, increases mental alertness and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. Our in-house musician Olivia has 7 years experience teaching a variety of styles of singing and plans her programming based on student interest. 

Cost is $15.00 for group lessons and $32.50 for private lessons.

Please contact the centre to arrange a class time that suits.

Tennis Lessons

In collaboration with Shaw Park Tennis, WSACC offers small group tennis lesson on Wednesday afternoons. We offer the Hotshots curriculum and participate in the National Schools Partnership Program with Tennis Australia, which provides much support and equipment to our tennis program. 

Tennis is taught in groups with a maximum of 7 children. Children are grouped by tennis skill level (red for beginners; orange for intermediate) and play tennis for 45 minutes each week, working on specific tennis skills as well as playing fun group games related to tennis, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Cost is $15.00 per session.

Private Tutoring

WSACC offers a tutoring service for student to assist with targeted learning. These are individual or small group lessons catering to the specific need of the child participating. Lesson content can be coordinated with the child’s classroom teacher and parent to ensure the learning is focused on appropriate areas to extend the learning. These focused sessions can be used for completing homework tasks, developing concentration / study skills and also extending on class work to reinforce concepts currently being taught. Sessions are available from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on a child’s needs. Fees for tutoring start at $15.00 for 30 minutes. Private tutoring is subject to educator availability. Please contact the centre to discuss you needs.

Enrol your child in our extra-curricular activities

For more information on our extra-curricular activity program please contact the centre.